4 Years: Live Music Events

We're a little late due to setting up our new location in the Shoals, but we’re celebrating four years of hosting songwriter showcase events. We’ve held over 50 events across 2 countries, 9 venues and featured nearly 50 singer-songwriters at our events including solo acts as well as duos and bands - see the list below!

We've hosted live music events at multiple venues around Sydney and now in Muscle Shoals. We’ve also partnered with multiple stakeholders including the CountryTown, The Music, Muscle Shoals Songwriters Festival, MusicRow Magazine and the Country Breakout Chart, North Sydney Council, Rhythms Magazine, Scenestr, Sydney Harbour Trust, The Lava Room, The Shoals Chamber of Commerce, Tonic Lane, and Willoughby Council.

We're excited to have joined the Shoals Chamber of Commerce and we look forward to a fruitful membership of this very active and supportive business organization in the Shoals. 2024 is starting out well and we’re excited about our plans for this year!

Here are the artists that have played at our Songwriter Sessions

  • Abigail Wighton (AUS)
  • Aimès (AUS)
  • Alex Partridge (AUS)
  • Andy Penkow (AUS)
  • Angus Gilmore (AUS)
  • Bailey White (US)
  • Ben Walker (AUS)
  • Blake Cateris (AUS)
  • Blake Dantier (AUS)
  • Brandon Duff (AUS)
  • Corey Legge (AUS)
  • Divinia Jean (AUS)
  • Gracie Jean (AUS)
  • Hannah Clarke (US)
  • Heirs Band (AUS)
  • Hunter Auzins (AUS)
  • Jenny Denny (AUS)
  • Jesse Redwing (AUS)
  • Josh Shipton (AUS)
  • Keith Todd (AUS)
  • Konn Kummins (AUS)
  • Kora Naughton (AUS)
  • Laura Higgins (AUS)
  • Light From A Stranger (AUS)
  • Lindy Urban (US)
  • Lisa De Angelis (AUS)
  • Lora Keet (AUS)
  • Lucie Tiger (AUS now US)
  • Maddy Marrs (AUS)
  • Matt Fletcher (AUS)
  • Mischa Vickas (AUS)
  • Nick Oaken (AUS)
  • Nicole Marie (AUS)
  • Odette (AUS)
  • Ofri Einav (AUS)
  • Patrick Landy (AUS)
  • Peter Campbell (AUS)
  • Reesha Sampang (AUS)
  • Rick & Luce (AUS)
  • Robin Fitzgerald (AUS)
  • Sabrina Soares (AUS)
  • Sanfred (AUS)
  • Scarlet (AUS)
  • SYDA (AUS)
  • The Violet Bard (AUS)
  • Troy Zarb (AUS)